Pioneer is a UK based ‘apostolic’ movement of churches and ministries founded in the mid-80s by Gerald Coates. Gerald continues to be a friend and advisor to the movement and leads one of the Pioneer churches in Leatherhead, Surrey.

Alongside others, we are committed to the re-evangelisation of our nation and to see the Kingdom of God expressed in every sphere of society and culture.

Pioneer is served by a number of apostolic resource communities – hubs – which either identify with a geographic region, relational connection or cultural distinctive. We are connected through relationship to similar movements in other nations.

We believe that the local church is the primary, though not exclusive, agent of the Kingdom of God and our vision is to see strong, diverse and healthy churches planted and existing churches resourced and growing.

Our key values

The orientation of Pioneer is towards an expression of Biblical, trinitarian, ‘non-religious’ Christianity that is ‘pneumatic’, or Holy Spirit energised, at its core.

This means that while we value and appreciate other expressions of the Christian faith we are committed to the development of non-institutional and organic expressions of church.

We acknowledge the importance of structure, organisation and church history but see the leading of the Holy Spirit, common vision and relational connection as the key threads that connect us to our past and lead us into the future.

Being ‘non-religious’ is not about being ‘irreligious’ or ‘non-spiritual’. It is about being productive and fruitful, avoiding dead religious rituals, modern or old which can become a hindrance to growing in our relationship with God and our obedience to Him.


God is community and, we believe, it is only in community that we fully express who He is. We honour and celebrate diversity within the context of our relationships. We want to bring equality through the gospel: ‘Neither Jew, Greek, slave nor free, male nor female’. We, therefore, value the role of both women and men in leadership. Together we express the image of God. We recognise that anointed leadership is a grace gift given to serve, with humility, in the context of community believe in a church that is relational reflecting the image of God. Our success is measured by the quality of our relationships. Structures need to fluid and adaptable. Everyone has a part to play.


The good news about Jesus needs to be presented in a way that is relevant to the context and time we live in. We believe that the proclamation of the good news must be with our words, our actions and through a demonstration of God’s miraculous power. We believe that this good news has power to transform lives and whole communities. We see ourselves as co-workers with God in His mission – the reconciliation of all things under heaven and earth under Christ.


Our life and faith is energised and informed by a living experience of the Holy Spirit both individually and corporately. We believe in a God who breaks into time and space by His Holy Spirit, bringing revelation, healing bodies, sharing spiritual gifts and performing miraculous signs. Our spiritual life is rooted in the Scriptures. We are inspired and informed by church history. We are open to explore monastic and contemplative traditions as well as the Evangelical and Pentecostal

Kingdom Orientation

Because ‘the earth is the Lords and everything in it’, we believe that the whole of life and creation is sacred. We therefore look to express a culture and lifestyle of worship that has no sacred secular divide. We celebrate life, creativity and the arts. We believe that justice and social action are central to the message of Jesus. We are committed to the unity of the Body of Christ and will seek to partner with others wherever possible.