The Pioneer Church Leadership PATHWAY has been developed to create a clear route to raise and release leaders called by God to lead church. This includes those who see church leadership as their ‘primary life-work’ and others who will outwork that calling to lead church whilst in other employment.

The PATHWAY will take place over two years and involve being part of a Community of Practice (cohort) that meets over ten days each year plus mentoring, signposted training and practical hands-on involvement in the local church. The process is not just about gaining theological training or completing a number of tasks but rather an appropriate preparation for leadership through understanding Pioneer’s distinct set of values, paradigm of ministry and church planting, and relational culture.

PIONEER PATHWAY is a Church Leadership Development Pathway that has been developed to create a clear route to raise and release leaders who are called by God to lead church.

Joining the programme

We want to create a culture across Pioneer where leaders develop leaders. We expect our leaders to model this, helping to identify and nurture all those called to leadership, and, specifically, in this case those called to church leadership. So, the first stage will be for a local leader to explore with a potential candidate his or her sense of calling to church leadership.

Once there is a sense of agreement the local leader will then ‘nominate’ the candidate to Pioneer’s Leadership Development Director to enter a discernment process. The Director will then send the candidate an application form and request references. The candidate should arrange to meet with with a Spiritual Director (someone they respect who is external to the local church) to discern the call and timing to church leadership.



The primary purpose of the PATHWAY is to help individuals discern God’s will for their lives and equip them to be effective leaders. The Leadership Development Director will convene an assessment meeting for all candidates who have the recommendation of their local leadership and have confirmed their sense of calling through the sessions with their Spiritual Director.  Every student will also be assigned a mentor to guide him or her through the programme, process the learning and help with the discernment process.


Core Training

The Core Training has been designed to give all candidates an overview of Pioneer’s missional, relational and theological distinctive. The core training is covered by six modules: The Kingdom of God. Understanding our Story. Church Development. Personal and Spiritual Development. Supernatural Leadership. Mission.  We expect each student to produce a ‘portfolio of learning’ that will be collated throughout the 2-year programme and presented at the end of the course with the hope it will form the basis for ongoing learning.


Formal Theological Training

In order to fully equip each student in an understanding of the Scriptures, to the equivalent of a diploma level, we will signpost a number of recognised theological training programmes. These will include: Westminster Theological Centre, ForMission and St Mellitus College. We will take into account each participants previous theological foundations/training.


Course Fees

The cost is £80 per month over two years plus a non-refundable deposit of £50 on application to cover administration costs. The fees do not include living costs, additional courses, conferences or UK travel.


PATHWAY will start in September each year. Applications should be submitted by 25th June.


If you have any further questions, wish further details, want to nominate a candidate or request an application form please email