10 years ago, over the weekend of 27th & 28th February, Caroline and I were prayed into leadership of the Pioneer network of churches. On Thursday 26th we had a special ‘thank you’ meal for Gerald, who had founded and led the movement since its inception. At the conference, worship was led by Godfrey Birtill and Steph Kalou. Speakers included Phil Collins, Christen & Judith Forster, Steve Clifford, Roger Ellis, Julian & Sarah Richards as well as ‘yours truly’.

A lot has changed in 10 years!

Barak Obama had just been sworn in as the 44th President of the United States; Apple had just launched the iPhone 3GS; it was the days before Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The network has changed and developed. There were 38 churches represented at the conference in 2009. Today there are just over 60 Pioneer churches in the UK and a further 18 Pioneer churches in other nations. Some old friends have moved on and some new friends have joined.

We want to continue to be true to our name and pioneer. So, particularly, with the developments of churches and networks connecting with Pioneer internationally we will be announcing some changes at this year’s conference to the Pioneer leadership to enable us to better serve these growing opportunities.

See you there!


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