We’re planning 40 days of prayer by Pioneer churches for Pioneer churches.

We’d love to invite your church to sign up for one or more days of prayer between 25th January and 5th March.  You could run this as 24 hours of prayer or you could simply have one or more Zoom prayer meetings at some point during the day.  You could even include some form of fasting.  Basically, you can structure your day however works best for your church.

We’re hoping we can cover each of the 40 days with a Pioneer church that is praying for the rest of Pioneer.  We want to pray for another great awakening in our nation as God moves in love and power by his Spirit through his church.

Please CLICK HERE to sign your church up for one or more days:

  • use your church name and location to book your slot
  • select the first slot of the day and increase the duration to 24 hours
  • don’t worry if you don’t intend to cover the full 24 hours with non-stop prayer

We’d also love to compile some prayer requests for each and every Pioneer church.  Please send us some bullet points and even a short video (maximum 3 minutes) that would help others to pray for your church.  We’ll need these by Monday 18th January and you can email them to richard.anniss@pioneer.org.uk.