Everything comes from connection. Connections allow things to flow, move and grow.

We are living in the most connected age there has ever been where who and what we are connected to says a lot about who we are. It is through our connections that we look for purpose, our sense of commission. What are we connected to?

At this year’s conference, we will be gathering together to reestablish our connection with God as the source of our purpose and commission. Open ourselves to the Holy Spirit to flow, move and grow us into greater Christlikeness.

Our commissioning comes from our connection. Our connection sends us out into all of society, to all spheres to carry that connection far and wide.

Whatever sphere of influence you find yourself in; family, business, innovation, the arts, we are all in need of a fresh commissioning.

Come and join us as we seek a fresh connection to commission us out to all the world.


Full Conference Ticket = £65
Friday Conference Ticket = £35
Saturday Conference Ticket = £35
Friday Evening Conference Ticket = FREE
Student (18-25) & Unemployed Conference Ticket (25% Discount) = £48.75



Friday 10am Main Session 1
Who Decommissioned You?’ – Linda Ward.

Friday 11.45am Main Session 2
‘Commissioned to Place’ – Chris Abington.

Friday 7.30pm Main Session 3
‘Co:missioned’ – Anthony Delaney.

Saturday 9.30am Main Session 4
Commissioned to the Nations’ – Billy Kennedy.

Saturday 2.00pm Main Session 5
‘Commissioned and Sent’ – Ness Wilson.


Connecting with the Connected Generation – Phil Knox
Known as iGen, entitled.com, ‘snowflakes’ and the ‘missing generation’, today’s young adults are not just our greatest challenge but our greatest opportunity. Come and discover hope for this misrepresented age group.

Mentally Healthy Church Culture & Men’s Mental Health – Simon Bryant & Simon Howes
Across society, what does this mean in a church context? This session will follow the journey of a group of advocates from New Community Church, Southampton, including unpicking some of the specific issues men can experience.

Mission in Today’s Culture – Paul Weston
Come along to this seminar about how we equip one another for mission in our communities. Hear stories that will inspire you and quicken your faith.

Building Healthy Teams – Martin Young
Building healthy teams doesn’t happen easily, even though it is the best way of multiplying fruitful ministry. Using some management models and examining Jesus and Paul, we’ll focus on the influence of relationship, task and vision in maintaining a team’s health and holiness.

Mental Health: opportunities and risks for the church – with time for Q&A – Dr Phil Moore
An opportunity to ask questions and hear from a panel of experts regarding mental health in the context of the church.  

City Transformation – Rick Prosser
Our towns and cities are in desperate need of the Church to function as one to see the fullness of the Father’s dream for them to flourish. This seminar aims to inspire you for your location.

Spiritual Formation – Rich Wilson
This current season will highlight a greater need to be awake and alert to the call of God. There is a charge from heaven to be more deliberate in our spiritual formation in order to be more attentive to the movement of God.

How Leaders Can Commission Everyone into their Frontlines – Neil Hudson
We don’t need more vision; we need action. We want people to live confidently and courageously on their everyday frontlines. What can we do practically as leaders and as churches that will demonstrate our commitment to seeing people being fruitful there?

Honesty Over Silence (Where Faith and Mental Health Meet) – Patrick Regan OBE
This seminar seeks to open up conversations around topics many find difficult such as trusting in God when life is painful, dealing with anxiety and depression, learning to look after ourselves, developing our character, and living with thankful hearts even in tough seasons.

The BEST Marriage – Anthony Delaney
Whether you are looking forward to getting married some time, loving being married or living to regret it right now (or want to help people in any of these camps) – God wants the BEST for you.

Cultivating a Culture of Prophecy – Paula Weston & Cheray Dekas
Cultivating the prophetic culture is part of cultivating a healthy church and city. The Church’s prophetic nature has the ability to creatively capture the thoughts of God and make them visible and audible. Cheray and Paula share some practical thoughts on cultivating, nurturing and releasing the prophetic in your ministry.

Avoiding Burnout – Judith Anniss
We increasingly hear about church leaders suffering from burnout and there are probably many more who are dealing with symptoms of burnout without even realising it. This seminar will help us to recognise the symptoms and develop healthy habits to avoid it.


Building church in the Rural Context – Graham Blake & John Heasley
Almost 15 million people in the UK live in rural communities. This session will explore the unique opportunities and challenges the church has in reaching, shaping and transforming small towns and villages.

Worship Leaders – Mikey Powell & Sarah Amer
A chance to come and connect with Worship Leaders and Directors from across Pioneer. We will continue to build relationships, worship together, and discuss where we are going with our own worship leading and how we can connect further.

Children + Youth Workers – Flora & Ben Hinks
Raising and maintaining faith in the next generation is one of the Church’s key responsibilities – how can we encourage and equip people for life-long faith in the church family? Come and network with other youth and children’s teams, learning from and being encouraged by one another.


Linda Ward

Linda Ward

Church Leader at Bless Community Church, West London.

Chris Abington

Chris Abington

Church Leader at City Church, Russellville, AR, USA.

Anthony Delaney

Anthony Delaney

Church Leader at Ivy Church, Manchester.

Billy Kennedy

Billy Kennedy

Pioneer International Leader.

Ness Wilson

Ness Wilson

Pioneer UK Leader


Friday 6th March 2020

Doors Open
Main Session 1 - Linda Ward (Who's Decommissioned You?)
Morning Break
Main Session 2 - Chris Abington (Commissioned to Place)
Lunch Break
Pioneer RISE Lunch
4 Seminars & 1 Connection Point
Afternoon Break
4 Seminars & 1 Connection Point
Evening Break
Main Session 3 - Anthony Delaney (Co:mmissioned)

Saturday 7th March 2020

Doors Open
Main Session 4 - Billy Kennedy (Commissioned to the Nations)
Morning Break
4 Seminars & 1 Connection Point
Regional Lunches [Lunch is provided]
Main Session 5 - Ness Wilson (Commissioned & Sent)
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