Would you like to support our work and become one of our Everyday Pioneers?
We recognise that God is not just the God of the big, but also God of the small, God of the everyday. We believe we’re able to make big differences by even the small things that we do, because God is able to do infinitely more with small things that we could ever imagine. 

An Everyday Pioneer is someone who stands with us in the small, to make the big difference, by giving regularly to the work of Pioneer. Whether you can give a little or a lot, we believe it can be used by God to do amazing things for his Kingdom.

How do I become an Everyday Pioneer?
There are lots of ways you can give towards the work of Pioneer and become one of our Everyday Pioneers – however our preferred quick and easy method is via Love Giving. Click the button below to set up your regular gift. You can adjust your payments at any time. You can also use this same link to make a one-off donation.

If you have any questions, please contact the Pioneer office.

Thank you for your support.