The words of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) include the important word “GO”. I have discovered the simple act of going can unlock so much and is where the real adventure begins. It’s not enough to think about going and look at google maps, or the equivalent. You really have to go. As we see and hear what God is doing we begin to come into agreement with what God is doing in our world. This opens up the riches of heaven to us.

In 2017 our Leaders Conference moved to Manchester in response to a prompting of the Holy Spirit with the idea of alternating between Southampton and Manchester. Earlier this year Alan Scott spoke at our conference in Southampton and said “GO NORTH…”. One small step unlocks a larger one. 

A number of years ago I heard a word about going west. About seven years ago I began to explore by regularly visiting the south west, primarily Devon and Cornwall. This involved meeting various leaders across the area and visiting many of the Methodist Churches as part of the Pioneer Connexion partnership. I made many friends, saw huge needs and began to understand what God wanted to do. In going, I began to see and hear things that I would not have seen and heard by staying at home. As I took others with me they also began to see and hear things. Many of us are inspired by the stories of revival in Wales through people like Evan Roberts but the stories across Devon and Cornwall are just as amazing and are seeds of what could happen again.

Going west opened up possibilities of revitalising the church, seeing churches planted and of changing the spiritual landscape there. We started with a word, went, saw possibilities and started to work in one church. There are now three churches with many more churches asking us to ‘come and see’. Within a few years, I believe there could be fifty churches working together across the south west bringing the Kingdom of God. The opportunities and possibilities are there but you need to ‘go and see’.

To go may simply mean a few yards down the road for you but don’t dismiss the possibility of a door opening further afield. To go is to journey trusting God to guide us, to show us the way. The Pioneer Core Team are going on a journey to explore what God may be saying and doing, of which you will no doubt hear more in the days ahead. For some of us we continue to go to Devon and Cornwall and are seeing people saved, healed and delivered – God is at work. So, what is he saying to you as you hear the word ‘go’?

If you would like to know more about the opportunities in the south west or you would simply like to ‘go’, please feel free to contact me at  Of course you may need training, so consider doing the Pioneer Leadership Pathway programme and contact

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