Pioneer Network Australia

Pioneer Network Australia has been connected to Pioneer since 2009, when it was ‘OzReach Network’. Now under the leadership of Carolyn Meers (Leader of Central Church in Port Kembla) and Rick Prosser (Leader of Life Church Newcastle), Pioneer Network Australia seeks to support and encourage churches in Australia and New Zealand and outwork the values of Pioneer in the nation.

Pioneer Network USA
Pioneer Network USA is based at Fellowship of Christians Church (FOC) in Russellville, Arkansas, who have been connected with Pioneer since 1979. Originally led by Wayne Drain, FOC is now lead by Chris Abington and both he and Wayne regularly contribute into the Pioneer Network and the Annual Leaders Conference.

Doxa Deo
Doxa Deo is a church based in South Africa, with nine campuses in a number of cities around the world, including London, Auckland and Stuttgart. Led by Alan & Leane Platt, Doxa Deo are passionate about city-wide transformation and serving their cities into the Kingdom.

City Changers
The Global City Changers Movement is an extension of the Doxa Deo church network led by Alan Platt. City Changers mobilise the church-based Christian communities in different spheres of society for the transformation of cities globally.

International Leadership Connections
International Leadership Connections (ILC) was set up in 2005 by Basil D’Souza, the leader of Covenant Blessing Church in India. ILC has a vision to ‘connect leaders globally to see transformation’ and also host conferences nation-wide to train and equip leaders and pastors in India.

International Christian Assemblies
International Christian Assemblies (ICA) is a ministry run by Bishop Andrew Ouma in the slums of Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya. ICA run several projects to support the people in Kibera including a school, feeding programme and a community centre. ICA work in partnership with the New Community Kibera Project, who help to support ICA and their work in the community.