We’re led by a Core Team made up of the following people:

Billy Kennedy (Leader)
Billy leads the Pioneer Core Team and has been leading Pioneer since 2009. He also leads New Community Church in Southampton with his wife, Caroline. As well as leading the team, Billy is the Pioneer South regional leader and is responsible for Pioneer’s global partnerships.

Richard Anniss
Richard leads King’s Church in Greater Manchester with his wife, Judith. He is the Pioneer North regional leader and oversees Pioneer’s training and theological development.

Ness Wilson
Ness is the team leader of the Open Heaven Leadership Team, as well as the chair of Loughborough Churches Partnership, and is a real catalyst for unity in her city. Ness leads the Pioneer Midlands region and is our ‘champion’ for women in leadership across the network.

Linda Ward
Linda is Pioneer’s national ecumenical lead, representing Pioneer in a wide range of forums. Linda also leads the Pioneer London region, as well as Bless Community Church in West London.

Allan Cox
Allan facilitates the Pioneer Leadership Pathway programme. Allan supports several leaders, churches and networks in various locations in the UK and abroad.

Paul Weston
Paul is our ‘captain of adventure’, helping us as a network innovate and explore new opportunities. Currently, Paul chairs the trust developing the Hope Community School network, and serves on the leadership team for Spring Harvest and the new Wildfires Festival.

Our Core Team is served by a wider Advisory Team, made up of the following people:

Julian Richards
Julian is the leader of New Wine Cymru and leads Cornerstone Church, Swansea, with his wife, Sarah. He is Vice Chair of the Evangelical Alliance UK Council and represents EAUK on the European Evangelical Alliance board.

Sarah Richards
Sarah is a senior leader of Cornerstone Church, Swansea, is a part of the New Wine Cymru leadership team, and is a board member of Willow Creek UK & Ireland.

Philip Emerson
Phil is the pastor and founder of Emmanuel Church in Lurgan, and part of the Tobar Leadership Team.

Roger Ellis
Roger is on the Oversight Team for 24-7 Prayer, serving as their Director of Training. Roger serves on the leadership of Revelation Family Church, Chichester, which he helped to start and build, along with the student ministry ‘Fusion’.

We also have a Staff Team, consisting of:

Ryan Galpin
National administrator and PA to Billy Kennedy.

Colin Barnes
Director of Ignite.

Nigel Bailey
Director of the Pioneer Connexion partnership.