Kingdom Orientated


  • God is community and, we believe, it is only in community that we can accurately reflect Him and see real and lasting fruit.
  • We honour and celebrate diversity within the context of our relationships.
  • We recognise that anointed leadership is a grace gift given to serve, with humility, in the context of community.
  • We value the contribution of both women and men at every level of leadership.


  • We see ourselves as co-workers with God in His mission – the reconciliation of all things under heaven and earth under Christ.
  • The Good News about Jesus needs to be presented in a way that is relevant to our context through our words, actions and with a demonstration of God’s miraculous power.
  • We believe that justice and social action are central to the message of Jesus.


  • Our life and faith is energised and informed by a living experience of the Holy Spirit, both individually and corporately.
  • We believe in a God who breaks into time and space by His Holy Spirit, bringing revelation, healing bodies, sharing spiritual gifts and performing miraculous signs.
  • Our spiritual life is rooted in the Scriptures and informed by church history.

Kingdom Orientated

  • Because ‘the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it’, we believe that the whole of life and creation is sacred. We, therefore, look to express a culture and lifestyle of worship that has no sacred-secular divide as we celebrate all of life.
  • Pioneer has a strong commitment to equipping everyone to engage across all spheres of life – business, politics, media, community, education, creativity and the arts.
  • We are committed to the unity of the Body of Christ and will seek to partner with others wherever possible

Our Distinctives

We have three key distinctives:

  • The role of women in leadership. We welcome and promote the role of women at every level of leadership.
  • Unity of the Body of Christ. We actively and intentionally pursue unity and work in partnership – locally and nationally.
  • Adventure. As ‘pioneers’ we want to continue to innovate, to take risks, to try new things, to be Spirit-led people and to have fun as we serve God’s purposes.

Our Doctrine

We hold a theologically orthodox position and as such we ask Pioneer churches to affirm both the Nicene Creed and the Evangelical Alliance basis of faith.

Pioneer CORE

Pioneer CORE training is a modular training course for all those in leadership in Pioneer Churches. The modules are arranged around the four core values that we embrace as Pioneer:

  • Relational
  • Missional
  • Charismatic
  • Kingdom Oriented

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