Pioneer CORE training is a modular training course for all those in leadership in Pioneer Churches. The modules are arranged around the four core values that we embrace as Pioneer:

                                                  Relational                      Missional                       Charismatic           Kingdom Orientated
  • What is it about these values that we would seek to build a whole church network around them?
  • What can we learn from the Bible and what does that mean for us all in practice?
  • How can we stay united in the vision that God has given us to pursue together?
  • How can we grow strong and healthy churches that truly witness to the gospel of Jesus?

“I found Pioneer CORE educational, challenging and great fun – it has really strengthened our commitment to Pioneer and helped us understand again what makes us distinctive as a Pioneer Church in Burton. To unpack our relational value from a theological perspective has validated so much of our culture at TCC.”

Scott Pettingale | The Community Church

Pioneer CORE is suitable for anyone at any level of leadership. It’s a great way of connection with others from across the network as well as exploring some key biblical and theological values for your own leadership.

Pioneer CORE is designed to give you greater understanding and confidence so that you can be sure that you are building on good foundations.

The modules can be completed in any order; we aim to offer two each year.
> Module 1: Relational – May 2022
> Module 2: Missional – November 2022
> Module 3: Charismatic – May 2023
> Module 4: Kingdom Orientated – November 2023

Module Four – Kingdom Orientated

  • Because ‘the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it,’ we believe that the whole of life and creation is sacred.  We therefore look to express a lifestyle and culture of worship that has no sacred-secular divide as we celebrate all of life.
  • Pioneer has a strong commitment to equipping everyone to engage across all spheres of life: business, politics, media, community, education, creativity and the arts.
  • We are committed to the unity of the Body of Christ and will seek to partner with others wherever possible.

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