Pioneer Pathway

Pathway is a leadership programme which grows and releases leaders.

Pathway is a two-year, hybrid (online and in-person), flexible leadership training programme. It is designed to grow existing leaders and also creates a clear route for raising and releasing new leaders called by God to lead church. This includes both those who see church leadership as their ‘primary life-work’ and those who will outwork that calling to lead church whilst in other employment.

The course is not just about gaining theological training but equipping and inspiring church leadership with Pioneer’s distinctive set of values and culture.

Most of Pathway’s teaching takes place online, but we also meet throughout the year in-person as part of the course. Whilst the full Pathway experience is a two-year programme, you can also attend one-off modules!

The training focus is on developing leadership competencies under six modules (three per year):
  • Module 1: Planting and Missional Leadership (Starting January 2025)

  • Module 2: Healthy and Authentic Leadership (Starting March 2025)

  • Module 3: Hermeneutics and Theological Foundations (Starting June 2025)

  • Module 4: Care and Pastoral Leadership (Starting September 2025)

  • Module 5: Supernatural and Charismatic Leadership (Starting June 11th 2024)

  • Module 6: Strategic and Visionary Leadership (Starting September 17th 2024)

The main place for learning is Google Classroom, with teaching taking place on Zoom (on Tuesday nights).

In addition, students are required to attend all four Pioneer CORE two-day modules in person, as well as the Annual Leadership Conference (ALC).

You can start the full Pathway Programme at the beginning of each new module


Fees and other information

Pathway is affordable. Alongside the content, the fees cover mentoring, CORE and the ALC. Our fees for 2024 are just £900 per year. This can be paid in one lump-sum, or at £75 a month. You will only pay £750, however, if you pay within 28 days of starting Pathway.