About us

We're a relational network that connects, inspires and equips churches

Who We Are

Pioneer is a relational network that connects, inspires and equips churches in the UK and globally

Our Purpose

We exist to take the gospel to new places and spaces.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is focused on both health and growth.

In terms of health we are committed to ensure that every leader is relationally connected, cared for, supported and accountable. Healthy leaders create healthy teams and healthy churches. Healthy churches will be marked by seeing salvation, supernatural and community transformation.

In terms of growth we are expecting a multiplication of disciples, leaders and churches. We champion innovative, creative and mission-shaped church planting that fits each context. We are expecting to see a mix of new micro churches/missional communities meeting in homes, new project plants coming out of community engagement initiatives and more conventional church planting teams sent out from some of our resource churches. There is no one size or one model that fits all. Pioneer will champion the small expressions as much as the big.

We want our growth to be commensurate with our ability to care for the growth, so over the coming years we will be looking to multiply our regions, release more apostolic regional leaders and develop strong resource churches in each region that are able to support other churches as they, in turn, serve their villages, towns and cities.

Our Distinctives

We have three key distinctives:

The role of women in leadership.

We welcome and promote the role of women at every level of leadership.

Unity of the Body of Christ.

We actively and intentionally pursue unity and work in partnership – locally and nationally.


As ‘pioneers’ we want to continue to innovate, to take risks, to try new things, to be Spirit-led people and to have fun as we serve God’s purposes.

Our Beliefs

We hold a theologically orthodox position and as such we ask Pioneer churches to affirm both the Nicene Creed and the Evangelical Alliance basis of faith.