Wildfires is more than a festival.

It’s a group of friends from a diverse range of church backgrounds and traditions coming together to seek God for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our nation.

The nation is in turmoil and many in the church have bunkered down, content to fill pews but lacking the confidence to seethe nation impacted. It was never God’s intention to simply fill buildings without seeing our towns and cities full of the Good News about Jesus.

As Pioneer, we have thrown our lot in with this crazy group of dreamers and are standing shoulder to shoulder expectant that God will hear our prayers.

I know many who say ‘we’ve been here before, praying for revival and we’ve been disappointed’. What’s the alternative? Do we simply lay down and expect mediocrity or give up? History shows that when the nation is in dire need of God and the church is on its knees God responds. He raises up men and women passionate to see things change. That is the history of our nation from the Celtic saints through to the Lollards and Reformers and Methodists and Salvation Army, through the early Pentecostal pioneers and the Jesus movement of the 1970s.

So, why not here? And why not now?

We have tried the best that we can and we recognise we have fallen way short. It will not be by our best efforts or clever ideas that the nation is touched but by His presence.

That’s why we’ll be gathering in a field on the south coast of England next May.

Why not join us?

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